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My name is Jeannie. I'm an architect, a true blue introvert and a poster child for a "scanner".
I've got multi-passionate interests for various fields such as graphics, illustration, branding, business, design, homemaking and style. Among all these lovely things, I continually seek and prioritize what I believe is essential. Also, as I recognize the messy and fallen lives that we go about, I happily share with you, too, my humble learnings on spiritual growth.

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During the early phase of an architectural design, an architect creates a scheme that outlines the basic concepts of the project. This scheme serves as a direction wherein the entire process is developed and constructed. Schemes are not just found in design but in everyday life. If one has clarity and purpose like a scheme, one gets to live more intentionally and consciously.

This blog aims to focus on schemes of effectiveness and creativity.
I believe everyone has creativity. Only some people, including me at one point in my life, seem to have lost it along the way. Creativity gives us the privilege of declaring God's grace and celebrating life. It is worth reviving and practicing daily.

Effectiveness is defined as the capability of producing the desired result. The best way to achieve this is by learning and developing the right attitude in "doing the work". A creative person who is not effective stops at the schematic phase, sometimes does not even reach that far, and goes home with nothing. A person who is creative and effective finishes with an output on hand.

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