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Streamlined Life: Back to the Drawing Board

 a new "big-girl" toy for me!

Happy New Year! My last leg of 2012 had been incredibly busy and 2013 is bringing so much excitement for me. 2012 had been getting my feet wet on creating passive income and I'm glad to be pretty successful on achieving it. 2013 is opening up a new biz idea and taking it to the next level. 

So...back to the drawing board and creating awesome stuff! My arms are filled with business, marketing, art and design books and courses and I am happily engaged on each one of them. 

What are you looking forward this 2013?

Awesome Life Practices in "Real Life" Part 4: My Body

Last week, I attended our high school reunion and had a super awesome time! A batchmate commented on how I didn't look like I had a baby. High five! OK, confession time. Here's a peek at some of my daily routines logged at my ListLab planner on how I take care of my body.

I've got special routines on the list like thyroid meds for my post-therapy maintenance and bone stretching exercises that a physiotherapist taught me to take care of the "very mild" scoliosis I got a few years back. The question I simply want to convey with this post is "What practices can you realistically do daily to take care of your body?"

Lately I was able to squeeze "walking" to my daily routine before and after work. It feels good that little things like this can add up to become a good habit and eventually a healthier lifestyle change. Take it a habit at a time. Make it something easy and fun. Herbal tea break, anyone? :)

Design & Style: DIY Wedding Hairstyles

Don't you just love it when you recommend a resource to a friend and he/she actually uses it? I asked my sister to take a look at this hairstyle book and a few days later, she sent me a link of these hairstyle pics that she did herself.

Neither my sister nor I is good at styling hair so I was pretty amazed at what she came up with within a few minutes of giving the instructions on the book a try. She told me it was actually easy and the only tools she used are a comb and some bobby pins. The lower left pic (called the Sweeping Twist) is my favorite. I might just use it on her wedding!

Awesome Life Practices Part 4: My Body

I once told a friend that I would love to give a talk on self-care someday. Not because I'm an expert but because I am genuinely interested on that topic myself. It took me years to fully appreciate the uniqueness of how my body works and I am still continually finding and doing ways to take care of it the best that I can.

I'll talk more about my real life practices on my next post. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

New to this series? Check out the introduction and sources HERE.

Design & Style: My Sister's Wedding Suite (A Sneak Peek!)

I started designing my sister's wedding suite a few weeks ago. Check out the draft above (dates shown are prior to change).

My secret sauce for my creative process for this project are my husband's inputs and comments. My sister wanted something FUN and I initially thought of a circles and swirls patterns but my husband came up with this brilliant paper plane theme. Nel & Ramil met abroad and the idea's just perfect.  I can wait to finalize the details and see all of these designs printed! 

Awesome Life Practices in "Real Life" Part 3: My Nutrition

Prepare and cook your own food...that's my best tip about nutrition for you. It sounds so simple but by doing that, you get to control everything that goes to your table and get to appreciate and enjoy the process of food preparation. Learning about good eating and cooking practices is really the foundation for optimal nutrition. 

Above are images of what's cooking at our kitchen recently. From top to bottom: Puttanesca, Pancakes (from scratch!) with Fried Apples, Salmon with Cream and Chicken BBQ with Mixed Veggies. Props to my husband for teaching me how to cook! 

If you feel you still need more skills to feel comfortable in the kitchen, check out Jamie Oliver's Home Cooking Skills website. Seriously helpful. Join me as I learn, too!


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