Awesome Life Practices in "Real Life" Part 4: My Body

Last week, I attended our high school reunion and had a super awesome time! A batchmate commented on how I didn't look like I had a baby. High five! OK, confession time. Here's a peek at some of my daily routines logged at my ListLab planner on how I take care of my body.

I've got special routines on the list like thyroid meds for my post-therapy maintenance and bone stretching exercises that a physiotherapist taught me to take care of the "very mild" scoliosis I got a few years back. The question I simply want to convey with this post is "What practices can you realistically do daily to take care of your body?"

Lately I was able to squeeze "walking" to my daily routine before and after work. It feels good that little things like this can add up to become a good habit and eventually a healthier lifestyle change. Take it a habit at a time. Make it something easy and fun. Herbal tea break, anyone? :)


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