Free Stuff: To-Do Organizer

I got a message from a friend today letting me know that she got herself a new sketchbook to kickstart our illustration collaboration. Sometimes we just need that small push (that may or may not come in the form of a cute pad) to move our plans. So, in the spirit of productivity, here's a To-Do Organizer available for download. And since I am feeling extra generous, this free file (single page) is not just a regular printable but an editable one. That means you can save printer ink by just typing your data on the answer fields and saving it as a new file. You can keep on moving that dreaded task and the erasure won't show. No one will know, haha!

May all your to-dos come true, friends! Grab the goodie on the button below.

Hey, if you wish to see the entire collection, drop by ListLab shop. Remember to check back often, new products are in the works! :)


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