Light and Grace: Listening to A Former Atheist

He used to be an unbeliever. He seeked answers and found them. Clive Staples Lewis or more popularly known as C.S. Lewis did not just write popular classics like The Chronicles of Narnia but also important legacy books on Christianity. It got me very interested how this intellectual giant found his way to enlightenment.

Mere Christianity is a book originally based on his compiled speeches on wartime radio broadcast on Christian faith at BBC aired on 1940's. I imagined myself living on that time, turning on the radio and listening to this brave man talking about humane behavior, hope, faith & other virtues as news of death and war are aired side by side his program. It must have been so strange then to hear his speeches but really, it is not much different from our time now. We still need to know these things. We need to hear voices like him.

I greatly wondered about his turning point. What made him a believer? Maybe, just maybe, when he came to the conclusion of these lines from the book, he knew there's no more turning back:

"He (God) himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other." 

He got this. He understood completely that man's long terrible story of finding something other than God will NEVER succeed. God is our inventor and He knows our purpose. He orchestrates the beauty & order of the universe and every event of our lives. We are designed to run on God, Himself.

Oh, if we get this, if we can only get this…


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