Eco Loca: Lip Scrub-A-Dub

Just to humor you a little, after posting about quitting sugar, my DIY post today is made up of 2 kinds of sugar.  This is my favorite lip scrub recipe and it is based on the book Green Beauty Recipes by Julie Gabriel. It does a great job of removing flakiness and dryness on the lips and it smells delicious! You only need a few minutes to whip this up and you can store it for 3-6 months. 

How to make this Yummy:
Simply mix equal amounts of muscovado sugar, caster sugar and jojoba oil (1 tablespoon each), 10 drops vanilla extract and 1-3 drops peppermint essential oil (This is optional according to the book, but I recommend you really add this to develop a fresh scent. Peppermint EO is very strong. Start with 1 drop then see it you need more.)

Lightly massage the lips in circular motions with this scrub, then rinse off. You can instantly feel the smoothness of your lips after using it. Try it!


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