Aha's & Musings: On Growing Up

It's so quiet here right now. Jam's sleeping. There's a light patter of rain and a muted sound of faraway thunder. The only thing I hear clearly is our AC's white noise. So... I'm feeling kinda nostalgic, hence these musings on growing up.
  • I don't remember my last play as a kid. Do you? I don't remember my last patintero, my last piko. How was a kid to know that it'll be her last? How do you tell a child that next summer, she'll be too old to play? My sister, Nel and I strangely love this topic. It's like a spark that ignites one childhood story after another.
  • I do remember the day I called myself an adult. I was 25 at that time, fair ticket in my hand, very excited to enter the gate of the university fair concert again, this time as an alumna, to have a good time. The moment I stepped inside, I vividly recall looking at the faces in the crowd and feeling... I am too old for this now. Not in a sad way, but in an I'm-over-this-phase kind of thinking. I looked back at the gate/entrance and thought of going home.
  • Awful feeling: Screwing up something very basic during your adulthood. Something real easy, a teenager would know by heart already. Solution: Self forgiveness and another dose of self forgiveness. And humor, a bucketload of it.


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