Streamlined Life: BC Bloggers Readership Rescue + A Tumblr History

I had been micro-blogging via Tumblr since it had opened back in 2007. One of Tumblr's first interface was a map showing the members location. Tell you what, there where only 4 pins marked on the Philippine map on the first week that members map was launched. Those pins represented my tumblr as swayback, nansan's, twistedfork's and another tumblog from South (I'm so sorry I can't remember). This is for real and I can still remember twistedfork's comment on my site. He was thrilled to finally see a "Pinay Tumblr". 

However after years of microblogging fun, I left Tumblr when I started preparing for my new family life. Wedding planning can get so crazy, you know.  I went back online with a private baby album blog that I shared with family and close friends who can''t get enough of my little Jam. 

Fast forward, April 2012, I finally decided to blog regularly as I repeatedly heard from friends, "You should blog about this." or "You should write what you just told me!" So I opened a Blogger account and wrote about topics close to my heart. I got my traffic from my Facebook account alone. So there I was, an early adopter in microblogging with international followers but I am clueless about growing readership with a blog platform.

Along came BC Bloggers site that I learned from a blog that I recently followed. I am slowly growing my blog community and I am thrilled to see passionate people that belongs to the group. Also, the fact that it's a local community makes it more special. So join me and connect with me via BC Bloggers. I'm excited to know more about growing blog community. Share the wealth if you have valuable tips for me. I'll be delighted to meet you.


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