Baby Journal: First Haircut!

Check out those before and after pics! Fierce, yeah? Haha!
I want to send a shout-out to the staff of Cuts 4 Tots for doing a great job in making Jam comfortable during her first haircut. You see, because of Jam's regular blood test for hyperthyroidism monitoring, she feels that anybody who confines her to a chair or mat or bed will bring out a syringe and hurt her. So they amused her, let her watch Barney, played peek-a-boo and blew bubbles (for realz) till she felt comfortable. When we got there, Jam wouldn't even touch the "car seats" but before we left, she was able to enjoy the place and even happily waved goodbye at them.

The certificate wording is pretty cool! It says:

hair salon
certifies that
Jamia Gabryn Ombania
has bravely fulfilled the requirements of a
Baby's First Professional Haircut
thereby graduating from the ranks of the uncut
on this special day of May 22, 2012


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