Streamlined Life: On Getting Educated + Spotlight on Lynda

Just because I posted a certificate picture does not mean that this is is a brag post. This is an ohmigod-I-was-able-to-finish-this kind of post. I am just happy. I just had to share it with you.

I was a little ambitious when I started this Illustrator class with a duration of 10hours & 37mins. I told myself that I can finish it in 2 days... but it took me 5 days. 10hours+ for 5 days! It wasn't easy. I had to attend to something else...had to take care of the baby... was distracted by the interwebs and too many times, I fell asleep (not the instructor's fault, promise). But I really wanted to finish it because I'll be   needing it for my shop and for some logos I am working on. I guess that's important, too, to visualize the real world use for whatever you are studying. So I did finish it. Thank you for grace.

I believe in getting educated in a format that one can actually enjoy and realistically attend to. What I mean is that if it's hard for you to stand a classroom lecture because you're just restless like that (like me), find some other format that will make you feel engaged and most importantly, a format that you can fit in your schedule and lifestyle

This leads me to my love relationship with e-courses. I'm a huge fan of online classes, and sometimes I'm enrolled at several classes all at the same time to make most of my pockets of free time. I realized that there're a lot of "time chunks" that I can make valuable. If you have time to surf the web, catch up on facebook, go out for coffee or watch a movie, you've got pockets of free time. You can definitely squeeze education in your schedule. is one of my favorite venues for learning because of its value for money. For only $25/month, you can access all of their 1,370 software courses. I haven't consumed my month's subscription yet, and I'm considering taking up more courses soon. Geeky as it may seem, I'm so excited for the next lessons!


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