Eco Loca: The Oil Pulling Experiment

A few months back, I "oil pulled" before breakfast. What the hell is oil pulling? It is basically swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 15-20mins with an empty stomach to remove the toxins that accumulated inside your mouth. You spit the oil out after and clean your mouth with pure water and by brushing your teeth. Many people claim that they achieved a long list of health benefits from it. Research will also lead you to numerous books published specifically about it.

There are different types of oil you can use and one of them is sunflower oil. I got my bottle from an organic supermarket in Dubai. I luckily have it in our room when I first learned about oil pulling like I really have no excuse not to try it that time.

This is me on the first day to third day of oil pulling: "Yes, it is gross but it must be working for me. I haven't had any headache since I tried it. Headache cure is its major selling point for me. It seems that my teeth even got whiter. So far, so good."

This is me after a 6 days of oil pulling: "I can't stand the grossness anymore!" 

I didn't even last a week on the experiment. I just can't start the day with grossness. It sets me in a weird mood for the entire day. I really wanted to tell my father, "Pa! I found the holy grail for headache cure! You need to try this so you will never have another headache agaiiiiinnnn!" 

... but no, I'm sorry, I just found another routine that should not be included in my morning ritual.


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