Design & Style: Inspiration Board: My Home Office

I had been wanting to make a digital version of my vision/inspiration board for so long, but only recently did I figure out how to do just that. 

I wasn't expecting much when I listened to a guided meditation for my business vision but to my surprise it gave me images of a bright & cozy home office. Needless to say, I felt warm and fuzzy kind of happy when I opened my eyes. I'm trying to recreate what I saw in my mind on this inspiration board. I love seeing my clients' compiled images for their project vision. Now it's my turn to enjoy mine. 

I'm pretty excited to include a home office on our future house because it's my ideal place to work. I am 10x more productive when at home than in a corporate office setting.

1. A touch of black, a touch of Mac. And a wall vision board, too! (Source)
2. I can't wait to invite a fellow creative to work with me. (Source)
3. Attic space is very promising space for working... and dreaming. (Source)
4. Windows are too important not to have. Rolled tracing paper, I miss you. (Source)
5. Maybe a Starck chair will do the trick. (Source)
6. Shouts client-ready. (Source)
7. Creating in tandem. (Source)
8. Would be nice to have enough space (and coffeetable!) to meet the clients. (Source)
9. Wall graphics, yes! (Source)

*This post was originally posted on January 26, 2012.


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