Eventful: A Night with Aktiv

Oh my, I had such a fun, laughter-filled evening last night! I was with my most favorite girls in the world, my high school friends, the Aktividades (that's how we call ourselves back in then and we still use the name proudly till now :)). 

Highlights of the night were: 

1) When we REALLY CAN'T remember that Lea had a school service in highschool as she kept on insisting she did have one. 
2) Len's pictures sharing of her OMG all grown up siblings. 
3) Mitch's love storytelling. Super kakilig!
4) My long talk with Ella and Lea on business and life direction. I charge $100/hour, guys, for my insights. Kidding! 

I can't wait till our next coffee night! 

Sorry dears, I won't be posting a lot of pics. I was embarrassed on the results of my photography in low light environment. I'll practice more, I promise!:) 


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