Light and Grace: Click & Give

I wish to conclude my posts on tithing with a suggestion on how to do it right at your own home. The article that I mentioned before, answered the question where to send tithes.

Answer: "Give to the spiritual family that feeds you spiritually..."

If you think that you need to go to an office or an institution to do that every time you'd like to give, I say, why not send them online if your spiritual family has an option to do so? I send a part of my tithes to Kerygma Family. They accept donations on their website and they clearly disclose where they use the donations. If you know other families with similar website features like Kerygma's, I'd love to know them, you may share here. 

If you missed my first two posts on tithing, you can find them here and here

P.S. Since I'm in the topic of giving, you might want to check out these 2 giving & creativity-related websites, too:
  • A Beautiful Idea caters to artists who would like to donate whole or a part of their profit to charity. 
  • If you would like to support creative projects, check out KickstarterFun feature: Artists here give out pretty cool items that they made or services that they offer for select pledges. 


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