Light & Grace: How I Finally Understood Tithing

I learned about tithing on my first job. A part of the office's profit is alloted for our company tithe. I remember hearing mass with my officemates and my boss and putting our hard-earned (the firm was small and struggling at that time) money envelope in the contribution bag. But really... I didn't get the concept of tithing. Why 10% Why give? Why my earnings? I didn't understand it enough for me to continue the act after I left that group.

Until recently, I had the chance of reading an article from Bo Sanchez' blog about the topic of tithes and offerings. I was drawn to the story of the generous business partner. Something clicked, another rhema. It made me finally understand and remember that all of these are not mine. Each of my resources, capacity, ability, skill and talent that lead to a sum of earning was lended to me. And I must pay back gratefully.

If you are confused about this particular topic, follow this link and you might find the answers you are looking for, too.


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