Design & Style: The No Brainer Wardrobe

I had been searching for a book like this for so long. I have a lot of fashion and style books but I felt that what I really need this time is something concise and spot on. My closet had been aching for an overhaul because of my recent shift in lifestyle as a mom and I badly need to review my wardrobe.                                            

Hayley Morgan's ebook did not disappoint. I finished it in one sitting and applied what I learned on the same day (that's how excited I was!). It gave me a much needed permission to let go of the pieces that had never really worked for me. Besides, Kp will be more than happy to see my red top (see pic below) go (the neckline bothers him, haha!). There's also a chapter about Pinterest inspirations and it definitely made me look forward to my next shopping trip knowing that I'll be smarter in my choices this time. After my closet makeover, I sure had fewer clothes but that's perfectly fine because my wardrobe seems to be "breathing better" because I know each piece of clothing left is something that I actually use and something that makes me feel good.
Click here to visit Hayley Morgan @ The Tiny Twig (rewards link) to get your own copy. 


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