Eventful: Jam's 11th Month!

Eleventh heaven, is there such a thing? I guess there is. We feel so blessed to celebrate another month with Jam. She can stand now with support and can even go up and down our bed. She also makes her gigil face everytime she's excited. Tell me, what's the English for gigil? :)

I made an almost-epic-fail Empanada. Can you believe I'd mistaken 6 tablespoons of water to 6 CUPS of water for the dough? I only realized I was pouring too much after the first cup. Anyway, Ma said that's fine. Encouragement power! We added more flour and ta-da! Hotcake Empanada was born. They don't look as good as the authentic empanada but I swear they tasted great. Pa said they did. Yey!


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