Aha's & Musings: On Coffee

  • One of my best takeway from Maria Menounos' book is "Do not let coffee be your first intake for the day." It's very bad for the liver and is the culprit for under eye dark circles. You do not need to avoid it completely but go have water or eat something first before taking it. 
  • While you're at it, drinking the oh-so-good sweet caffeine, sprinkle some cinnamon. I've read about this on different books so many times: cinnamon has the ability to correct your body's reaction to sugar. Taking cinnamon will do a lot towards harmonizing insulin and blood sugar in your body. (Source) It's literally like combating a bad meal. This diet trick is cheap and easy. Try it!
  • Coffee shops in Italy serve their cappucino lukewarm because they drink the stuff, bottoms up, right at the counter as soon as it arrives. Lea told me this. Her stories by the way, energize me way better than caffeine.
  • Teecino Choco Mint is next on my flavors-to-try list.


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