Foodie Round-up: Green Juicing & Green Puffing

I ran out of green juice so I tried a green smoothie instead. Yeah, I drink the packed ones sometimes. I know the essential enzymes maybe lost by the processing and packing process but what the heck, they're better than none when I'm too lazy to make the real one. By the way, it's my new hobby to convince people to turn to green juicing. You were warned.

I tried Parsley Passion Smoothie from the Green Smoothie Revolution today. It's made of pasley(duh!), cucumber, apple and banana. I'm surprised that I didn't taste the parsley's strong flavor but I'm still not comfortable drinking something pulpy. I'll probably just squeeze out the juice of the other half of this recipe instead of drinking the whole thing again.

ln a perfect world, I drink green juice daily and do a whole day juice detox once a month. The problem with green juicing here is that the "greens" availability & varieties are limited. I learned that I can get kale and collard from Saturday markets in Makati but I don't live anywhere near those areas. I'm left with parsley, romaine lettuce, red sail lettuce, cucumber, spinach & bok choi as my choices for my juices. Wait, can I make malunggay juice? Just wondering. Let me know if you have other green juicing ideas!

Hey, hmmm, someone seems to be getting her greens everyday...


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