Design & Style: Cardboard Furniture

We all have statements that go something like, "If I have x, I'll do this." When I saw Foldschool's cardboard rocker 4 years ago, my line was, "If I have a child, I'll definitely do this." Well, somebody gotta keep her promise...

With the help of Pa, I dived into this afternoon craft session thinking... it will only take a while. I missed the small print saying it will take 5.5 hours (@_@)! I already have the patterns by the time I realized that (Thank you, old office scratch papers!) so I thought we might as well finish it.  Making a new toy for Jam sounded fun anyway. The nearby bookstore ran out of corrugated cardboard so we just glued 2 chipboards together. Yikes, that made the folding part harder. By the last leg of the putting the pieces together, we were laughing and scratching our heads at the same time but we didn't stop till we finished it. 

So here you go, Jammy and Pistoe bear, Mommy's promise in folded paper. 


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