Eventful: Mama Should Blog (A Mamas Day Special)

Back in college, someone told me, "Jen, your mom should start a blog. I'll read it!" That comment shouldn't be taken lightly because those words came from my thesismate/writer extraordinaire, Neil, and I take his suggestions to heart. :) Why exactly did he say that? Because Mama is simply memorable (an understatement). Here are some of our favorite stories:

On People:
After the kiddie party...
Me: Nakakatakot talaga ang mga clown.
Mama: Mga tao rin yun!
(Inay, I know.)

On Technology:
When sending sms was still relatively new, I received 13 text messages one after another from Ma.
Text1: Jen, yung pera na sa tabi ng computer.
Text2: Nasa tabi ng computer yung pera.
Text3: Yung pera nasa tabi ng computer.
Text4: Sa may tabi ng computer nandun ang pera.
Text5: Sa may computer yung pera.
Text6: Yung pera nilagay ko sa may computer.
Text7: Yung pera nasa may computer.
Text8: Jen, yung pera nasa computer.
Text9: Nasa tabi ng computer yung pera.
Text10: Nasa tabi ng computer yung pera.
Text11: Sa may computer yung pera.
Text12: Sa may computer yung pera.
Text13: Yung pera nilagay ko sa may computer.
Me: @_@

On Fashion:
Me: Yung underwear na binili ni Ma sa kin, kulay neon tangerine at hot pink! 
May: (alang imik)
Me: Bakit, ano ba binigay sa yo ni Ma?
May: Shorts.
Me: Shorts naman pala e. Buti ka nga shorts e. Anong kulay?
May(barely audible): Silver.

On Knowing One's Child:
An agent when to our house for a consumer survey.
Ma: Jen, ako na lang sasagot ng survey tungkol sa yo.
Me: Ok, pakisabi busy po ko, sorry!
Overheard from my room...
Agent: Favorite subject po nya?
Ma: Ang favorite nya... Math!
Agent: Pinakaayaw na subject po nya?
Ma: Filipino!
...the survey ended. My name was the only correct info.@_@

On Memory:
Me: Andami namang nabuwal na puno sa bagyo. Inangkin na lang nung mga may truck. Hinakot nila. Ano nga bang klaseng puno yun?
Ma: Ah, ano yan e...
Me: Mahogany ba?
Ma: Hindi, anu yan e.. Ma-, maa-
Me: Um...
Ma: Aah!
Me: Ano po?
Ma: Ma-ho-ga-ny!

On Survival:
Child1: Makikihingi po ng lumang damit.
Ma: Sandali lang... O eto.
Child2: Makikihingi din po ng barya. Yung kapatid ko po ilang araw nang hindi dumedede.
Ma: E 'di patay na 'yon?

On Shopping:
Saleslady: Ma'am, ano pong size (ng shoes) nyo?
Ma (looking at the shoes): Wag na 'to, Jen, ang pangit! Mukhang mumurahin! Mumurahin ang materyales! Mura lang yung ganito e. Marupok pa yung ganyan...
Saleslady: :(
Me--> dragging Ma to the shop's door.

On a serious note, my mother is one of the biggest key for my different creative pursuits triumphs. I never heard from her, "Ano na naman 'yan?", no matter how weird (and I can get REALLY weird) my current project is. I feel her faith in me. I wrote stories, learned things, made art, started a business, ended a business, started a business again, did crazy (but meaningful, I think) stuff because she just LETS me do it. Sometimes she even ruins my drama line, "Wala man lang akong nakukuhang supporta sa inyong lahat. Huhuhu... Wala!....Ummm, except pala kay Mama.:)" 

I am continually grateful to God for my mother.


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