Design & Style: Notebook Picks

I had notebook phases... cutie notebooks phase, kawaii notebooks phase, giant notebooks phase, tabbed notebooks phase and artista notebooks phase (I-am-joking.). Let's just call my current phase, "refined and minimalistic". I narrowed down the different notebooks I have to 4 most frequently used lovelies. 

1. Miquelrius waterproof notebook. This is one of my greatest discoveries last year. It was like finding gold for someone with hyperhidrosis a.k.a. sweaty palms like me. My lecture and drafting classes days would have never been the same if I had one of these in college. The notebook looks worn out because I bring it everywhere but I guarantee you it's sturdy and the smooth grid patterned paper feels unbelievably divine.
2. Moleskine travel notebook (KΓΈbenhavn edition). Why Copenhagen? Someday, over piping hot Americano, I will let you know. Lovely thing. There are maps, icon-tabbed sheets and a fold to stash notes & other tiny stuff inside.
3. Copelle notebook from Venzi Collection. Most of my quick ideas are here and even some lines & plot inspiration/suggestion for the book my friend is writing right now. It has dotted pages and tear-out pages at the back. This gorgeous thing is a real steal for its very low price.
4. he leaves me. he leaves me not. spiral-bound notebook from the The Breathing Space shop. I got this on my last visit at Cubao Expo the week before my first flight to Dubai. The owner, I believe he was the owner, was gracious enough to tour me and Nel at his shop. I use this notebook's blank, white pages for idea outlines and some sketches.

What are your favorite notebooks?


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