Eco Loca: Peppermint Hard Lotion

Have you ever tried Lush massage bars? They're sooo good, right? I get spa images just by smelling them. I love the novel idea of making a body lotion/butter in a bar form. Thanks to this MadeOn Lotion ebook, I learned that it's so easy to make something similar to a massage bar. Enter hard lotions...

You just need to mix equal amounts of cocoa butter (If you just gave birth like me and you've got cocoa butter in your house, it's criminal not to use it. It's one of the best stretch marks soother!), beeswax and coconut oil (I prefer VCO). Heat the mixture in a double boiler and mix in your preferred essential oil when everything's melted. I used peppermint today because I'm obsessed with anything menthol lately. For the mold, I used a soap holder cover and wrapped the finished product in onion skin paper.

I guess baker's twine would be a lovely alternative to a sticker label. A tin can is perfect for storing this type of lotion. This is a nice gift-giving idea. It always feels great to make my own products because I'm sure that there's no skimping on the ingredients and I can control the formula like in this case, the fragrance, just the way I like it. 


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