Foodie Round-up: Edible Aquarium

For Jam's ninth month celebration last February (her monthsaries are a big deal for my culinary skills), I attempted to recreate an edible art project. I tweaked the ingredients list knowing there's no way I can find candy fish and white cranberry juice at our local grocery store. 

I used 3 simple ingredients for this "party showstopper": 1 small packet of gelatin powder, Judge bubblegum (love Judge!) and fruit candies. Little did I know, I had to take out my art skills for this dessert project! Rolling the bubblegum was challenging, cutting it was harder. It kept on sticking to my knife. The orange candies that I laid at the bottom of the glass that was supposed to serve as rocks, melted when the hot gelatin was poured and the color washed out. Later, I realized that the washed out color gave the dessert a whimsical shade so it's all good.  I used tiny pineapple shaped candies to make little fishes by carving little eyes (which seemed useless because it wasn't visible after immersing in the gelatin). Inserting the starfish & fishes a.k.a. fruit candies was the most fun part. It felt like painting life to a tiny seascape. 

Four glasses of this recipe only costed me 54 pesos (that's not a typo). I noticed we were almost hesitant to take a bite so as not to ruin the little works of art. "They're too lovely to eat," I thought, while dipping my spoon slowly at the smooth sea of gelatin.


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