Eco Loca: Thyme Face Rescue

I did my little Crunchy Betty experiment with thyme for the stubborn pimples that I had lately because of my lack of sleep (entirely my fault). Some people claim that they achieved good results in just 3-4 days so I guess, this is worth sharing. Who knows, your skin might be hiyang with this tincture and this might come handy soon. The 2 ingredients are both natural after all, and I guess, the worst thing that can happen is just a slight drying effect.

How to make Thyme Tincture
The idea is to steep 1 tablespoon of dried thyme to 3-4 tablespoons of witch hazel in a dry, sterilized jar or bottle for 20 minutes. The mixture will have a brownish color and you can use it immediately just like a toner. You can let it steep for a few days before straining and storing in a cool, dark place. It may be stored up to a month.

The first time I applied it, I told my Ma to check if it was just me or the inflammation was really lessened instantly. She said yes, the redness was lessened and asked what did I use. It took me a month to see noticeable drying results but I can't blame the thyme for that because I still haven't been sleeping well (working on it!). Overall, I recommend it. Witch hazel used as a toner alone is good if you've got oily skin. The mixture also got a strong but fresh smell that makes me feel it will actually work even before I use it, haha! If I didn't convince you yet to use this formula, maybe this article on how thyme is more effective than benzoyl peroxide will.


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