Streamlined Life: On Getting Educated + Spotlight on Alt Summit Channel

This July, I'm very excited to join Alt Summit Channel's online classes for bloggers. You know already know by now from my previous post that I'm an advocate of continuously educating oneself and that includes updating one's knowledge on blogging. 

The Alt Summit Channel offers affordable(only $15 per class), hour-long online classes on best practices to grow blogs, businesses and brands. Students can interact and network with each other and ask questions to the teachers. There's a class for everyone from beginners to experienced bloggers. I'm especially looking forward to take the Photoshop for Bloggers class because I know how to use the software but I am not well-versed in optimizing and improving overall appearance of images for web use. The class on opportunities for small blogs is interesting for me, too, as well as the class about SEO (I am seriously clueless on this topic!).

If you're interested to join me on these classes, you can check out Alt Design Channel HERE. I heard classes fill up fast, so grab your spot today. 

I'd like to thank Bing for giving me an opportunity to join these classes for free.


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