Light & Grace + Free Stuff: Belief Busting Affirmation Cards

Yesterday, I had the chance to carve time and finish my Digging Deep journey (which I HIGHLY recommend if you wish to overcome a barrier in your life and if you are ready to move on to bigger things) and I had come to realize the power of affirmation and the different ways to declare it. I am aware of affirmation concept before but only yesterday did I got convinced of the truth and science behind its ability to turn around negative beliefs in our system. They are SO many ways to declare affirmations and one of them is the visual way. I'm guessing that it is the most effective way for me so I'm starting with that. I tend to rewrite my affirmations and I come up with different ones regularly so I thought of making an editable template for my wonderful declarations.
Of course, you get to join me, too, if you wish! Download my freshly-made printable 'Post-It' size affirmation cards on the button below. Each card has a typable field that can contain 4 rows of text (please make sure you have Century Gothic font when you use this) and a gold glitter motif. The sparkly look makes me smile by just looking at it! Tack it (I love using old earrings, check out the image above.), tape it, leave it everywhere it can regularly be visible to you. It would be awesome to use your own handwriting for your affirmations, too. 

Important Affirmation Writing Tips!
Digging Deep suggests that affirmations should be on the present tense (hence the words "I AM" on the cards), should contain positive words (no "don'ts" or "can'ts"), should feel real and believable and should be specific.  

If you wish to dig more in this entire powerful process, join us in the tribe here!


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