Aha's & Musings: How I Got Rid of Envy

Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have." -Hebrews 13:5

One day, I became aware I that I was feeling that icky emotion of envy again, when suddenly, something occurred to me that paved the way to quiet envy for good in my mind. I allowed myself to imagine I was already the person I was envious of. I visualized it because that is how we had programmed our minds to be -- that if we could be like that person or that person or better than that person, we'll be fine. And so there I was, in my mind, already that person I was envious of, and I came to that conclusion that -- it is not true. I was still envious -- now with that person's friends, with different people from that person's circle.

Envy stays because I allow envy to stay. Its residency on me is not dependent on how good or pretty or smart I am but on my permission to see my lack instead of the God's grace in me.

These things helped me kick envy out of my system:
Recognition of God's providential power & choice that lead to every detail of the "self" that I am and constant gratitude towards Him in faith that all that I am is a creation perfected by Him. 


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