Awesome Life Practices Part 2: My Money

The series' second installment is finally here and it's all about money!

I used to hate managing finances. I'm not good at math and I just feel heavy all over when the topic of finances comes up. Now, I'm slowly learning how to make abundance flow naturally in my life and I'm getting to know its spiritual (yes, I said spiritual) role in the universe. I also found tools to make its management fun like Toshl (real cheap subscription, you'd want to pay more because of the app's fun and intuitive approach) and these pretty finances printables over ListLab Etsy Shop (Don't tell me you're still using boring planners.:)).

Above is the list of my financial gameplan. What does yours look like?

New to this series? Check out the introduction and sources HERE.

P.S. The pattern on the image are arrows going up and down depending on how you look at it. What direction did you first see? 


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