Awesome Life Practices in "Real Life" Part 2: My Money

My Toshl log dated exactly a year ago. Whoa, on Jam's formula milk bubble!
A preview of Money from the Mac App Store

I have come to know that the only way to make me regularly practice finance management is to make sure that platform is fun, intuitive and easy to use. Here are my fave money apps and software that I personally use or have used in the past.

Web apps: 
Toshl. This is a real fun way to tracking expenses and income. Its colorful bubble chart can easily point out where most of your expenses are.
Outright. I only had to plug-in my Etsy account and Paypal details once and this seamlessly automatize tracking for my online business.
Paypal. I use this on everything from business to shopping to donations giving.
Citiseconline. Yes to online stock management! I'm learning more and more about this and I have found Truly Rich Club real helpful as I navigate this site and the world of stocks.

Desktop App:
Money (Mac). For a comprehensive (but not boring!) money tracking including investment tracking, this app is worth the investment. (The truth is, I love anything by Jumsoft. :) My future blog freebies might feature cliparts by them.)
Numbers (for Mac)/ Excel (Windows). These 2 good old softwares could be your simplest but most effective solution for finance management. I use Numbers for almost every table and list I could think of. I especially love their Personal Budget template and I highly recommend it if you wish to put your yearly finances in perspective. Recently I modified their Checking Account template with their "Fun" chart color palette and had been using it regularly since. Numbers' charts makes it very easy for me to discuss finances with my husband. I like pretending I'm in a boardroom discussing company numbers with him, haha.

Iphone Apps: 
Expenditure. This was the first mobile finance app that I used. Gotta love its receipt-style clean and intuitive interface.
Weave. If you wish to track your business and personal finances in one app, this is the perfect! They have the most helpful customer service, too. I always get a reply on my inquiries within 24 hours from them.
ToshlPaypal apps. Sync it good!

As always, I'll update this list as soon as I discover more awesome apps!


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