Design & Style: Curly Girl Must-Haves

I am one happy, curly girl. I wasn't always glad like this about my curls before (you know it comes with free frizz) when I was still clueless on how to manage it properly. I came across with the THE book for us curly girls and my love affair with my curls got SO much better. Tell you what, the secret is simply to give those curls lotsa moisture and lotsa TLC. Absolutely no fine-tooth comb and hard towel rubbing allowed!

I have rounded up my 10 favorite curly hair products that worked for me:

1. Microfiber hair dryer cloth. I got this from a Japanese store and it's just perfect! It's so soft, absorbent and has just the right amount of fabric to cover my head. It's not heavy so I don't worry if my hair is pulled down what an ordinary bath towel does.
2. Lavender essential oil. This is the secret for hair that's always fresh. Place a few drops in purified/distilled water and spray away any time of the day.
3 & 4. Non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner. Check your shampoo ingredient and make sure it doesn't have SLS (sodium laureth sulfate). SLS is a big no-no for curly girls if you really want to fight the frizz. It's the same ingredient that manufacturers put in detergents and dishwashing liquids. You wouldn't want that in your head, right? I currently can't get enough of Leyende's hair products.
5. Gel. Celebrate those curls by applying gel after you shower. It holds and defines them so much better. I personally looove aloe vera gel.
6. Wide tooth comb. Gentleness is the key, remember? If you can manage combing your curly hair using only your fingers, it's the ultimate TLC! I remember a certain Korean Ms. Universe contestant saying she never used a comb on her hair, just her fingers to manage it and I swear her hair looks great!
7. Blow dryer with diffuser. I made a mistake thinking the cold dry option on a blow dryer is enough. The scary looking (lol!) diffuser is the best tool to dry curly hair quick without destroying it's body.
8. The Curly Girl Handbook. This should have been the #1 on this list. Seriously, every curly girl should own this book. Every tip and trick you need to learn is here. Enough said.
9. 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days. Tired of your same boring style? Try a new hairstyle! This ebook is great not just for curly girls. Try something new today. Twist and pin, how hard can it be? :)


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