Awesome Life Practices Part 3: My Nutrition

One of my "health heroes" is Andrea Beaman. She was able to heal herself from her thyroidism not through medication or surgery, but through healthy eating. I had undergone radioactive iodine therapy before I learned about her  story. I am amazed to discover that I could have healed myself using the power of food alone. 

These days, I am more in tune with what my body craves and what it wants to feel nourished. Since I learned that one of obese people's issues is losing their sense of "fullness", I now I constantly check in with my own fullness.

This poster is my current gameplan. I am constantly learning about food choices and learning more about how my body responds to what I eat as I go. I guess I'm going to tweak and add more things on this list soon.

New to this series? Check out the introduction and sources HERE.


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