Awesome Life Practices in "Real Life" Part 1: My Environment

Hi, everyone! I'm blogging starting today from sunny Abu Dhabi! It had been a week since I got here and I really had a fun bonding time with my husband.

Today I'd like to share a picture of how I and my husband applied the first part of my Awesome Life Practices Series in our environment (check it out HERE if you've missed it). I was able to make some final rearranging of the furniture in our studio here this morning and took a snapshot. Shhh, my husband doesn't know the changes I have made yet. I was pretty pleased on how every single thing has a purpose inside the house. We do not permit any useless stuff lying around here because of our very small space and it's a pretty good rule to avoid clutter.

You will be shocked to see my part of the closet now (my husband's side had always been super neat). I had only retained the type of clothing that I feel good in and gave away the rest. I'd like to credit Dressing Your Truth program, by the way, for teaching me the right fashion based on my personality. I say, try it, too. It seriously helped sartorially challenged me!

I feel light because the space breathes and is warmed by glorious sunshine. I also like how the colors blend beautifully together and how the simplicity of our space here opens me up to creative possibilities. If ever I make some more styling and home craft projects (yes!) here, I'll let you know, of course.:)

What's your awesome life practices for your environment?


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