Awesome Life Practices Part 1: My Environment + An Intro to the Series

"How you start your day is how you live your day; 
and how you life your day is how you live your life." 
- Louise Hay

I'm stretching myself in this blog today. For the first time, I'll be posting a string of posters that I made about "best life living" and I call this series, "Awesome Life Practices". At first glance, the posters look like a long list of to dos, but they're actually super doable real life practices that I believe can be incorporated in our modern lifestyle and are the ingredients crucial to form an awesome life, at least for me.

After giving birth to my daughter, I had the chance to do some "soul searching" (a big Thank You to my husband for the time he gave me for this) and I was able to meet a garden of ideas for this series that I had been mind-mapping in my head for so long.

These are not guidelines for everyone to use, I'm sure we're all different, but this can serve as an inspiration for you to create your own list. In fact, I urge you to try writing about your own practices today! Don't think that everything listed in the posters are practiced by me 100%. I'm as imperfect as the girl next door. My desk can get super messy and I still find myself in ugly, ugly situations. I use these posters as a reminder for my "Best Self" to rise to the occasion. Simply put, to answer, "What would my most awesome self do?"

Since my work deals with designing living spaces, I was inspired to kick-off the series with the "My Environment" poster. The poster titles for this series, in no particular order of posting, are as follows:
  • My Environment
  • My Mind & Spirit
  • My Money
  • My Relationships
  • My Nutrition
  • My Body 

I guess the stretching part comes in the practice of being gentle to oneself. Maybe there'll never come a day that everything in our awesome life practices list will be ticked off. We might never even have the perfect home or relationship or body... and that's OK. As long as we do what we can today, as long as we make the best choices we know today, as long as we take the step that we can today, life will unfold the "most awesome" way it can.  Once we get up, show up... we are actually living our best lives already and cheers to that! 

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2!:)

Click HERE for this series' sources and inspirations!

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