Eventful: Superhero Party Props!

Reposting this oldie but goodie (my most pinned on Pinterest!) post* from my old blog, Posts by Jen, for my craft-loving new friends. Enjoy!

After much research on potential venues for Jam's 1st birthday, my husband told me he can't come home to attend it. We decided to hold a simpler celebration instead at our house in Antipolo. "Simpler" includes cutting a third of our party budget. Picture lots of DIY and penny pinching, haha! But actually, I secretly liked the fact that I'll be the one in charge of the details. I suddenly remember a quote about exercise by Anna Quindlen: 

I feel about exercise the same way that I feel about a few other things: that there is nothing wrong with it if it is done in private by consenting adults.

I was laughing when I told a friend, "It's the same with DIY and crafting. You need 2 things: privacy & a consenting family." With all my "extra crazy" hobbies, I'm lucky I have both. My family is not just consenting, they're helpful (thanks, everyone!). Before I proceed, I'd like to thank my sister Nel for sponsoring our One Charming Party material for this party. I'll lovingly call it OCP for this post because I'll be mentioning it a lot. Here are what we had prepared so far:

Superhero Masks: Yikes, I don't know what this material I used for the masks is called. (Update: According to a bookstore label, they're called foam sheets.) It feels like rubber but it's so easy to cut. I got it from a scrapbook store that I frequent a lot (though I never owned a scrapbook). I got the pattern from this site. I used the scraps to make stars and lighting bolts and decorated the plain masks maskipaps style. Am I the only one still using that word?:)

Comic Book Bunting. Idea from OCP. I cut-out back issues of comic books (as low as 20pesos per book) and asked Ma to sew the bias to hold the buntings. 
Crepe Paper Garland. I had my eye on these printed crepe papers a long time ago and I'm thrilled to have an excuse to buy them for this event. This is a cheap, beautiful way to decorate your party venue. It's so easy. You don't even need glue to do this. Check out this lovely tutorial at Oh Happy Day.
Jpeg Banner: We thought of placing the party food just below our TV, so I thought of just making a file  that can be shown on the TV itself instead of covering the thing with a tarp. Now, if I can only figure out how to remove the "Sound mute" sign at the bottom of the screen, hmm...

Food Toppers & Labels: From OCP printables. I modified some and clipped images using Photoshop to suit our needs. I guess I'll be changing the foil cake toppers soon. I'm not satisfied with the quality of what I had produced. OC me! 

Favors: I shrunk and modified OCP's party certificate using Photoshop for the labels and used a cookie foil from a baking supplies shop for the packaging. I sealed them using a heat sealer. I don't have any idea why we have a heat sealer in our house but I suggest you get one for yourself, it's totally cool and useful! Our favors have sweets and bubble bottles in them. Happiness in a pack!
Puk-pok palayok & Pabitin: This is a Pinoy party and it simply won't be complete without these games. Pa's glad that the pots we got are tiny because the big ones are just not safe for the kids.

Invitations: From OCP printables. I had also modified this one. I deleted the RSVP part and included the details and the guests names. I clipped an OCP image to make the superhero inspired stamps.

Jammy's outfits: These are just adorable, love-at-first-sight pieces. 

I guess I ate too much lollipops & chocolates while preparing these but I sure had fun. See you at the party!

*originally posted on April 29, 2012.


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