BC Bloggers Meme: 30 Things About Me

I want to start the week with a good dose of self lovin' and acceptance so let's get it on with this awesome meme:

1. I'm a mom to a smart and achingly cute one-year old girl named Jamia.
2.  I married the super-man who was my seatmate on my first day at work in Dubai.
3.  I'm a licensed Architect. I placed 4th on the June '06's architecture board and was the only girl on the top 10 that time. Ad majorem Dei gloriam! You're making a very wise decision if you hire me. *wink*
4.  I'm also a "tubera". I'm a licensed Master Plumber.  I placed 9th on the Feb. '08's board and was the only girl on the top 10 at that time. Seriously, girls rock. Rawwrrr! :)
5.  I'm ornithophobic. I'm scared shit of birds--> of any kind, even it's just a picture or a drawing. I scream & run away when I see one. I had embarrassed myself so many times because of this.
6. I like to sleep when I commute. I have no problems imagining that a vehicle is my bed. I had embarrassed my siblings so many times because of this.
7. I have a severe case of palmar hyperhidrosis a.k.a. sweaty palms. I tried so many things to get rid of it and even resorted to using electric current but I still have it. When I draw, my tracing papers get wet, crinkly, and yucky. I hate handshakes, job interviews, driving and singing "Ama Namin" at church.
8.  I was apparently "asintado". On my archery P.E. class, the coach offered me to join the UP archery varsity. I turned the offer down.
9.  I have scoliosis. My left shoulder is lower than my right shoulder. I need to perform bone stretching exercise every single day because of it.
10. I have hyperthyroidism and underwent radiation therapy for it. I need to take hormone supplement every single day because of it.
11.  I know how to make my own beauty and home products and is pretty OC on it. I'm our family's resident wannabe chemist. I even know how to make my own makeup & I used to have my own makeup business.
12.  I can't swim. I hate the beach and the idea of having sand on my undies.
13.  They used to call me "Amazona" in college because I used to love working out and my body frame looks masculine.
14. I'm a Libran and a great part of me craves balance in all aspects of my life but... when I work or in the process of creating or designing, I'm off-kilter. I'm pretty intense and focused so as not to lose my momentum.
15.  My favorite bookstore section is marketing/business, self-help & wellness. I'm not a big fan of fiction.
16.  I make lists for everything. Hence, the idea for my ListLab shop.
17.  I recently stopped spending too much on stuff. I just don't crave for them now. I now spend more on learning about stuff. I like the idea of arming myself with knowledge enough to make me dangerous(ly effective).
18.  Instead of racking my brain how I can save $10, I'd rather spend time thinking how I can earn $100.
19.  I bought myself a ticket to Italy and Spain but never got there. My company that time didn't let me. Since then, I learned that successfully climbing the corporate ladder will not be my career's ultimate goal.
20.  Because of my high eyebrows (lol!), I look mataray and unapproachable. But if you can really get to know me, you'll learn I'm the warmest person evah!
21.  I don't like watching TV. OK, maybe except for Eat Bulaga. :)
22.  Writing is not one of my greatest strengths. It takes me forever to write a very short article/blog post like this.
23.  I experience lucid dreams & astral projections (pretend you didn't read that if I just freaked you out) since college and up to now I don't know what's the use for those things.
24.  My perfect daily meal includes 1 cup of herbal tea, 3 glasses of green juice and 1 piece of 70% dark chocolate.
25. I have very few friends. Each of them happens to be awesome. Our favorite topic when we meet for coffee/dinner is high school bloopers.
26. I have a cool father and a "one-of-a-kind" mother (More about her on this blog post.).
27. I like clean lines, solid colors & minimalist design. I love well executed graphic design and typography.
28. I'm an introvert. I'm happy and at peace when I'm alone. I can attend  & socialize on gatherings but I prefer not to stay too long. Otherwise, I exhaust myself too much. I'm a scanner. I have too many interests and my game plan to merge all of them is in progress.
29. Someday, I'd like to teach women about courage, stillness, forgiveness & strength.
30. I submit myself to God and recognize that all that I am and have is grace from Him.


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