Free Stuff: Stationery Dreamin' + Free Planners[Promo Closed]!

I finally launched my Coloured Stationery Theme at my ListLab Etsy Shop last July 1. Weee! 

A quick back story: When I was a kid, I collected stationeries. I had boxes of different kinds then. I was fascinated with their graphics, colors and sometimes even with their scent. I thought hard how can I re-create a stationery  and I was determined to make one. I took my crayons and bond paper and drew lots of flowers and other lovely things and then... I smudged my drawing with my fingers to achieve pastel colors effect on the sheet (Please remember I was about 7 that time, haha). I smudged all day and I wasn't able to achieve the commercial, divine look of my stationery collection. :(

Fast forward: I grew up, learned a few tricks with making graphics and developed a passion in organizing. I finally was able to make my own stationery in the form of printable planners that I can use in my daily life and I know would be useful to other list-lovers as well. I'm so happy! :)

Get your FREE editable printables! [Promo Closed]

I'd love to share my planners with my blog readers! I opened my Etsy Shop last March but I just focused greatly on it this July when I lauched the Coloured Stationery theme so the shop is relatively new. I  would very much appreciate your help to spread the word.  
1) Just tweet or post in Facebook (public post only so I can see) or make a blog post promoting my ListLab Etsy shop link: Please promote wherever you think most of your list lovin' friends/followers/readers are.
2) Choose ONE printable collection (Please click the link to see images and description.): 
- Home Management ($19 value)
- Business Management ($13 value)
- Blog Management ($18 value)
- Finances Essentials ($9 value)
- Health Essentials ($9 value)
- Poster Collection ($9 value)
3) Send your post or tweet link and your choice of printable collection at THIS FORM until July 31, 2012. So easy! 
4) I'll then send you the awesome EDITABLE printable collection that you had chosen in Coloured Stationery & Classic Monochromatic theme that lets you edit and save in your computer. There'll be no more raffle because everyone who helps me promote gets their choice of planners!:)

Thanks so much in advance and happy listing, friends!

P.S. If you wish to buy ListLab's printables with instant download links (no more waiting!), please click HERE.


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